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How to discriminate easily between analog and digital sounds

it is necessary to evaluate original [genuine] analog records nowadays when various digitally processed records made from various music sources appear on the market. Maybe some of you already do it in your own way. We have our own way to do it instantly. Please note that we do not mean to deny digital audio by this.

Put your palms behind your earlobes
like when you try to hear from a distant place, and feel any changes in sound quality.

Sound level is heard louder, but you may sense it varies in the two types of sound balance as shown below depending on music media to be played.

A、Original [Genuine] Analog Record Sound is heard to be natural
with flat sound balance,and without changes in sound outline and stage. It does not change even when listening conditions are changed

B、Digital Sound Processed in the following method is heard with damped
high frequency range, and with shift of instrumental tone and vocal pich toward lower frequency range, and sound outline and orientation being unclear, totally not natural.
1.Digital recording analog disc
2.Analog disc recorded by analog but processed digitally
3.General Digital Audio represented by CD

Above tells that it is impossible to restore to the original state once recording process adopts digital technique.

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The sounds when listened from a stereo system are apparently heard to be equal, but I believe you have by now noted that there are differences between analog and digital sounds. It is because analog sounds are 3 dimensionally structured same as the natural sounds, where as digital sounds are comprised of only 2 dimensions through artificial process of sounds.

In secret please.
Some people may become neurotic by listening the digital sound.

Present musician will should record a performance by the analog recording.
Otherwise, the performance isn't recorded, that it is realistic and moreover the listener can not enjoy a true musical sound, in future too.
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