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1.Place the force checker on the trurntable platter.
2.Check that the stylus position is correctly set with the suitable overhang distance of the tone-arm.
3.Start by adjusting your anti-skating force to match the cartridge tracking force.
For example - if the cartridge tracking force is 2gm, set the anti-skate adjustment to 2.
4.With the turntable spinning at 33 1/3 or 45 rpm, bring the stylus / head-shell adove the flat surface and gently lower it onto the flat surface. Be ready to lift up the head-shell at once if required, to avoid unexpected large amounts of stylus skating.

Repeat and make small adjustments until the tonearm remains in the same position, ie the tonearm does not move inwards or outwards when lowered onto the flat surface.

For your accurate adjustment, in the event of changing your cartridge which has a different type of stylus from previous one, the forces generated may change.
This depends on the shape of the tip of the stylus such as spherical, elliptical, line-contact or micro-ridge type and the cartridge weight.
Therefore, in this case, it will be necessary to re-check and re-set your anti-skatingusing this anti-skating checker.

TopProductsAccessories > TIC-12 THE INSIDE-FORCE CHECKER